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Dear Board of Education, Afro Hair is Not a Distraction

Clowns and their Afro. Racist or Nah?

How to Respond to Your Man Who Dislike Natural Hair

Look Beyond My Tresses©


SCARED And SACRED Have The Same Letters

RE Mike Vick: We Don't Need To Alter Our Natural Hair To Make White People Comfortable

The Game of Wigs: Who Wore It Best?

Response To BET: There Is A Such Thing As Natural Hair

The Overreaction To Shea Moisture #HairHate Ad

Shea Moisture: This Is Why Black Women Are Offended

Are We Going To Uplift Or Destroy Halle Berry?

Don't Touch My Hair. What Is Your View On This?

Melanin Queens Only. Is There A Modern Culture of Segregation?

Wedding Fever: It Could Be Disastrous

This Is Why Cultural Appropriation Is Offensive

Black Twitter Attacks Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles

Should Ethnic Hair Products Only Cater To POC?

Shea's Moisture #BreakTheWalls Campaign

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