What does it mean to go Natural?

Going natural is the best decision a black women can make. It means she has made the decision to embrace the natural hair God has given her, and no longer subscribe to the beauty ideologies that resulted in the demonetization of Afro-textured hair.

Once you go natural you beautifully become distinguished from all races. Even better, you will see that your hair is magical because it defies gravity and can transform itself into many textures and still go back to its natural state. So, when we Black women brag about our hair, it is not because we are arrogant or think we are better. It is the truth that can be proven naturally.

How can I go Natural?

There are two methods. The first one is called the "Big chop," and the second one is called transitioning to natural which requires dedication and patience.

The 'Big Chop' is the process of cutting off the relaxed ends of one's hair. If you choose this method make sure you go to a hair stylist who specializes in natural hair. If you are like me who was ready to go natural but did not have the bravery to cut at least 85% of my hair, the transitioning method is for you. To transition do not perm you hair; just let it turn natural on its own.

While transitioning wear braids, weave, or anything that will cover your hair. Why? your perm hair is not cut off, meaning your hair will be a mixture of kinks and straight hair; click here to see. Installing braids or weave through the course of the transitioning phase protects your crown from damage by preventing you from stressing your crown due to constant combing and styling. For tips on crown care while transitioning, click here.

Must I perm/relax my hair to straighten it?

We are no longer living in those days in where the Black woman must apply the "creamy crack" to straighten her crown. All you have to do is blow out or flat iron your crown. If you are flat ironing your crown, please apply heat protector prior. Also do a protein treatment to strengthen your crown.

What type of hair products must I use?
There is no official hair care product naturals must use. The best way to determine which product works best on your crown is to "turn" yourself into a lab rat. From time to time use different products and see which one works best. Be aware of the feeling and activity of your crown when experiencing with different products. This will help you determine which crown product is best for you. Personally, I use S' curls by Luster, most products by Softee, and hair oils (olive, argon, castor, Moroccan, etc).

I do not want to play devil's advocate or throw shade at fellow sisters. But be careful in trusting popular natural hair websites and bloggers who recommend hair products. Some of these people may be paid to promote different hair products, which may not be the products for you.

How can I prevent moisture lost when I sleep?

Simple. Grease and moisturize you hair, and then cover your crown with a plastic shower cap. Never leave your crown uncovered when sleeping. The fabric of non-silky pillows act like a sponge that absorbs the moisture from your crown. A plastic cap prevents this by trapping in moisture.

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