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Embrace The Crown is a empowerment program birthed by the Sankofa Vibe League. Our purpose is to encourage women of African descent to embrace their Afro-textured hair, and create a sisterhood amongst natural haired women in the Black community.

We are giving business owners the opportunity to advertise their business and products on our Facebook page and blogging platform ( If you are interested purchase ad space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered questions our clients have about ETC ads. Have more? Email us at

Why ETC Ads?

We Are Global. Our Facebook page attracts people from across the globe. Thus, advertisers have the opportunity to reach and connect with people on a global scale.

Go Viral. For the past year we have been on social media, Embrace The Crown has made digital contents go viral and reach millions of people on Facebook. We have the ability to do the same for your business.

How Does it Work?

Clients can advertise business, material and intellectual property he or she owns. Clients must show proof of ownership for the materials he or she wish to advertise.

Who can advertise with us?

Founders of for-profit and non-profit organizations, ministries of faith, website, blog, and vlogs owners, small and large business owners, etc can advertise on Embrace The Crown. We also allow for the promotion of conferences and other social/community-centered events.

What Type of Materials Are Accepted?

Promotional content that are not racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or Intolerant are allowed.

How Will The Ad Look?

Our marketing team will create the Ad. Clients are allowed to use already-made advertising graphics or images.

Dimensions.  Our responsive layout will morph the ad into the proper size for mobile view. For our Facebook page graphics will be 1080 X 1080 in length and width.
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook): 1080 X 1080 

How Long Will Ads Run?

Ad(s) will run for 2 weeks on our Facebook page and 4 weeks on our website. If you want to keep ad(s) running after the end date, you must make a new payment. Clients can discontinue campaigns before the end date but NO REFUND will be given.

How Many Ad Spaces Are Available?

For our website space is unlimited and will be offered at a discounted price of $10.00 off for clients who purchase more than two spaces. Ads will be stacked according to a first-come-first-served basis. In other words, if we have two people purchase the same space on our website, the content of the first person to buy the space will be first while the ad of the second person will fall below it.

Want to move forward? Purchase ad space today. Once payment is received a member from our marketing team will contact you. If the button is not working click here.


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