How to choose the right products for your natural hair

One of the biggest challenges most afro-haired women have is finding the right products that work on their crown. This challenge has made the natural hair journey difficult for some of us. Here are three actions you can take to find the right product for your crown.

Stop listening to vloggers and bloggers. 

You probably spent most of your time on youtube and blogs listening to vloggers and bloggers swear up and down about how a hair product worked wonders on their crown. You rushed to obtain the product thinking it could do the same for your crown; it was a total disaster. Stop! Although this may be true, don’t rely on word of mouth from vloggers and bloggers. This is because most of them are paid-advertisers for hair companies. Therefore, their job is to promote the company’s hair product to the afro-haired community. 

The community of naturals on youtube has been helpful in this journey. However, be careful about the information you receive on youtube. Protect yourself by making sure you aren’t listening to persons who are brought by hair companies. Instead, listen to people who aren’t paid advertisers. A good example of this is Mercy Gono, BSN, RN. Mercy is a popular vlogger on youtube who encourages the use of natural products on our crown. When she does talk about branded-products, she is not gone ho to promote them. She simply says “this is what I use” and that’s it. In fact, I never felt pressured by Mercy to buy one brand. 

Tip 2: Turn yourself into a lab rat. 

Our crown is unique. What may work on another person’s crown may not be the solution for your crown. Therefore, turn your crown into a lab rat. Use different products on your crown until you find the one that works best. I decided to do this after relying on natural hair vloggers and bloggers. After abandoning this behavior, I was able to find the right products that worked best on my crown by trying different ones on my hair. 

Tip 3: Go to the experts

Speak to a natural hair cosmetologist because they are experts in hair and hair care. Cosmetologist study hair products and know if chemicals in products are safe. They are good for advice about what hair product to use.

Managing afro hair can be challenging. You can reduce the effect by knowing how to choose the right product for your hair. This can be achieved by limiting the advice you receive on youtube, trying different products on your crown, and relying on hair experts for haircare eduction. 

Thanks for reading! John 3:16. 



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    1. Very good advice. What works on my crown may not work on another.


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