Clowns and their Afro. Racist or Nah?

Hello Queen, its been a long time since I wrote a blog; I blame it on school. Today I happened upon a facebook promotion for a popular circus coming to town. There was one feature of the clown that caught my attention, the clown’s hair which was in the form of an afro. Soon, I found myself questioning why I never came across clowns with straight hair. Could this stem from racism or is it just a coincidence? I decided to dig deeper into the costume of clowns.

Findings I came upon validated my assumption: the afro clowns wear stem from a part of America’s racist history. Back in slavery, White men “morphed” themselves into African Americans. The White men did Black face, drew big lips on their face, and wore baggy clothing.

Harmless as it may seem, the behavior, demeanor, and appearances of clowns still influence racism and furthers the stigma against natural Afro hair. It is about time America abandon this obvious, racist caricature of Black people. Queen, what is your opinion? Comment below.


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