Major Chop: Major Decisions

There are so many reasons why women cut their hair, specifically THE BIG CHOP. Well, earlier this year (January 2018), I made the decision to finally cut my hair. Not sure if it was a major chop at the time, because I’ve been gradually cutting my hair shorter and shorter so I wouldn’t go into SHOCK. Some cut their hair to transition from perms; to help the hair grow out healthy, etc. Whatever the reason, it’s a major decision, and an emotional experience.

So, what made me do it you ask? Well, over the last year, I’ve had some serious tragedies unfold in my life. Namely, I lost three loved ones between the months of September through November 2017; one being my eldest son. This was totally devastating and changed my life completely.  I felt my life was spiraling totally out of control. But with God’s help, I am on my way to healing.

This major CHOP, in the midst of tragedy; in the midst of this raging storm called LIFE, represents more than just a haircut, it sort of represented some type of “control” placed back in my hands. With all that was happening in my life, I needed to feel that I had some control over something; I needed a little joy. Do you understand what I mean? It gave me a sense of freedom. I felt totally liberated. In addition, it caused me to be aware that life is too short (no pun intended) to worry about the small things. Why am I worried about what others think of me if I cut MY hair?

DISCLAIMER: I always pray and consider my husband’s thoughts. When I shared this decision with him, he was very reluctant, but supportive as always (LOL).  

Well, in the end, I DID IT! I did it for ME!! I am determined to be, unapologetically ME!!

This brings me to my point. When you finally make the decision, let it be for the right reasons. Always pray for wisdom and direction. Acknowledge God in all your ways, and He will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5,6). Whether it’s your hair; a purchase; a decision about a relationship; a major move; a new job; whatever it is, SEEK God first (Matthew 6:33). Remember, once you’ve made the decision, there is a possibility that you will not be able to retract it -- get a DO over -- or rewind. You are stuck with your decision, be it's a good or bad outcome. Even with that, God is so merciful that He can use your mistakes or trials and turn them around for the good. Wow, I could dance on that!

Think about it and share your thoughts!!
Make it a GREAT day!

Carol Dee
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