Louisa Michael Empowers African Women To Embrace Their Crown

In a continent where weave is projected as the ideal hair-do, Louisa Michael is a motherland mogul encouraging African women to embrace their crown. She has held natural hair events in Nigeria and started KINK REVOLUTION, a paperback magazine which is the first and only au-naturale hair magazine in Nigeria. Her accolades include: being invited to live interviews on National TV and publishing houses as a result of her works in Africa.

Three years ago Louisa founded Natural Hair Babes, a natural hair forum group on Facebook. This group give Black women the ability to express themselves as they experience their journey and receive general education about natural hair care. Inspired by the purpose of Natural Hair Babes, our founder interviewed Louisa Michael to learn more about her movement. 

ETC: Why did you start Natural Hair Babes?

Louisa: Back in 2012 my crown got damaged. Hence, I researched ways to regrow and care for my hair. During my research I discovered findings that were beneficial to my crown. Excited, I developed a passion to educate women in Africa about afro-hair care. In response I opened the group, Natural Hair Babes.

ETC: To you, what does it mean to be natural?

Louisa: For me, being natural is FREEDOM! Freedom to wear my hair in different styles. Freedom from painful and harmful chemicals. Freedom to pour water on my hair without the awful smell and freedom to walk under the rain without worry; simply freedom!

ETC: How has Natural Hair Babes Impacted The Community?

Louisa: Natural Hair Babes has impacted its audience in so many ways. We have taught queens how to maintain their natural hair, held one-on-one sessions to cater to individuals with specific needs, created a hard copy magazine to reach women offline, held events in different cities in Nigeria, and utilize the media to spread the message of the natural hair movement. Based on the numerous testimonies in the group, it is evident that thousands of women all over the world have benefited in one way or the other from the group.

Due to our strategy, dedication and consistency, our group is currently the largest, female-only natural hair group on Facebook. We have 267,694 members and gain new members daily.

ETC: What is your favorite hair care brand?

Loiusa: I do not have a favorite brand. I use about three different brands that suit my hair type.
ETC: What advice would you give to women who are going natural?

Louisa: Contemplators should first learn the ropes and not rush into being natural. It is important that you learn the basic regimen before transitioning or the big chop. When you decided on which path to follow, discover your hair type, porosity level and devise a regimen that would suit your hair texture and curl pattern. These techniques will make the journey smooth.

We thank Louisa for letting Embrace The Crown interview and introduce her movement to the queendom (Embrace The Crown Community). You can join natural hair babes here or search for Natural Hair Babes on Facebook

Embrace The Crown


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