The Importance of Moisturizing Your Hair In The Autumn

Yesterday marked the beginning of Autumn, and you know what that means, LOW TEMPERATURES! Low humidity which produces dry air is prevalent during autumn and the following season, winter. Dry air can be detrimental to our natural crown because of its ability to strip moisture from the hair. This could result in dry scalp, dandruff, and other undesirable hair conditions. During cold seasons, moisturize your hair on a weekly basis to prevent dryness.

In the Queendom there is a moisturizing technique known as LOC. This method is favorited because of its ability to leave the crown moisturized for days. Many women have testified about how this method minimized the amount of time they moisturize their hair each week which we all know can be time-consuming. 

LOC in Moisture During The Cold Season

How does it work? The LOC method which stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream, is a three-step process to moisturize afro-hair. It work by layering the three hair products in a specific order to lock in moisture. Two of the three products – oil and butter create a layer along the hair shaft that prevents evaporation and promote water retention.


The Process.

Step L: Liquify Your Crown

Apply a water-based, leave-In-conditioner. Some queens substitute with water instead. The liquid sets the atmosphere for the formation of moisture.

Step O: Oil Your Hair

Apply moderate amounts of oil onto the scalp using an applicator. The oil locks in moisture created by the liquid. To learn more about the benefits of plant oils in terms of hair, click here.

Step C: Apply Hair Cream of Butter

There is no specific cream to use. Just apply your favorite hair creme or butter such as shea or coco butter, to your hair.

Other Tips For Hair Protection In The Cold Season

Wear protective hairstyles such as box braids or weave. I suggest LOCing your crown prior to installment. Continue to moisturize your hair once a week with oil. To combat dry air in your home, keep a humidifier on for a few hours. When sleeping cover your crown with a plastic shower cap to create the greenhouse effect. When outside for prolonged hours, cover your crown with a beanie.


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