Do You Want to Transition To Natural Hair? Here Is How

The transitioning method is when relaxed hair is left alone to fall off on its own. It is often taken by people who don't want to do the big chop due to the long length of hair obtained when unnatural. Transitioning is a long and burdensome process that requires patience, but knowing how to transition can make life a bit ease.

I transitioned in the summer of 2012 and completed the process mid-fall of 2013. I was happy to learn about this method because I did not want to cut the long hair I worked hard to obtain. So I researched other ways to go natural, and voilĂ , the transitioning method met me at the crossroads.

Transitioning in was challenging especially during the winter. Although it was difficult the experience was rewarding. I learned a great deal about hair care and realized the importance of protective styling. If you are transitioning here are tips to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


Moisturize Your Crown. It is important that you keep your hair moisturized when transitioning. Your crown will experience chronic dryness which could be detrimental to the hair. Dry hair can bring about unwanted scalp and hair conditions such as dandruff, irritation, unnatural shedding, and dullness. Moisturize your hair with oils and other moisturizers.

Protective Styling. During this phase your hair will be fragile and have two different textures. Protective styles will be your best friend because it will result in less manipulation meaning your hair won't require frequent styling and grooming. Therefore, less strain will be put on your hair preventing breakage.

Protective styles are also important because it will hide your hair which at this moment will have two different textures (smooth and rough). Hence, women who transition often wear protective styles. Protective styles can be box braids, weave, extensions like afro-texture clip-ons, pony tails, and wigs.

Natural and relaxed hair on a woman transitioning

Trim Your Hair.
The thought of trimming your hair can be chilling. After all, you are taking the transitioning route to avoid cutting your. To then trim it every four months goes against the purpose of transitioning.

When transitioning you will have lots of splits ends. Trimming your hair is important because you rid your hair of these bad ends. Split ends can cause breakage and strain your hair. Trim no more than an inch of your hair every three to four months.

Don't Twist Out.
Hear it from me. You will be tempted to do a twist out once natural hair appear. Stop!!! At this point you are transitioning meaning you will have two hair textures. No how much natural hair you have, your hair is not ready for a twist out. Your twist out will look horrible which I learned the hard way. Do a twist out when ninety percent of your hair is natural. 

Twist out on transitioning hair
Avoid Heat Usage. As stated, your hair will be fragile. Abstain from heat products like a blow dryer, straightener, hot comb, etc. Direct heat can damage hair and bring about dryness which adds more salt to the injury. When dealing with the sun, apply small amounts of heat protector on your hair.

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Abandon Chemical Treatments. Avoid texturizers and hair dye. I understand you cannot wait to add color and streaks to your hair, but you don't need chemicals on your hair as you transition. The only chemicals you should apply to your hair are the ones that come from hair care products like shampoo, conditioners, moisturizer lotions, and curl enhancer cremes.

Transitioning is fun but challenging. It is the route people take when they don't want to do the big chop. When transitioning follow safety tips listed in this article to prevent hair damage. Congratulations on your decision to go natural. We wish you the best and hope to see you at the end of the tunnel.

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