This Is Why You Should Not Relax Your Edges

Earlier this week we posted a video of a natural hair vlogger who permed her edges. According to the vlogger, edge control and gel weren't effective in laying her edges so she had no other solution but to relax her edges. This solution is detrimental and should be disregarded; here's why.

It is no surprise that relaxer can bring about health-threatening conditions such as early puberty, tumors, and hormonal changes in the body. When it comes to the health of the hair, relaxers can damage hair cells and vital proteins like keratin, the protein responsible for the strength of our hair. When applied on vulnerable spots like the edges, relaxers can easily compromise its strength. Eventually the hair that make up the edges will break resulting in the loss of edges. If you want your edges to be laid, here are proper ways to do it:

Gel It down. Gel is not that effective in taming the edges—well my edges at least—but it works. Simply apply gel on the edges and cover it with a scarf for about 10 minutes.

Edge control. Edge control works better than gel which is why it is Favorited in the Queendom. Edge control is a hard gel-like substance specifically designed for the edges. It works by slicking and holding down the edges.

Hair Products. General products like hair cremes, etc we use daily for moisture and activating curls can act as edge control. Just apply the product on your edges and tie them down with a silk or satin scarf overnight. The cons to this method is that a long hold is not guaranteed.

I know how difficult it is to control the edges. For some, the methods mentioned aren't as effective which I understand, but just embrace your edges. Afro hair was not created to lay flat nor have edges laid out for the gods. Don't alter your afro texture by an inch for the sake of having nice edges. Of course laid edges look nice but if your edges refuse to be laid, don't force it. You are only damaging your hairline which could lead to you not having edges in the future. Embrace the beedebees Queen.

Thanks for reading.

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