Why Are Some People Critical of Michelle Obama For Going Natural? Here Is Why

Recently a picture of former First Lady, Michelle Obama went viral on twitter. Immediately the blogs started buzzing and hashtags celebrating Michelle Obama flooded the twittosphere. In the mist of it all, a few queens in the afro hair community berated our former first lady. Are they justified?

Normally I dislike it when people are negative at moments like this. But after being open-minded to the criticism, they are justified.

For centuries Black women across the globe have been conditioned to believe their natural hair is unprofessional. Barely do we see representation of natural hair in corporate America and the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. Unfortunately this influenced Black women to dislike their natural hair and transform it into the state that is seen as acceptable or beautiful.

Here we have a very powerful and influential woman in the world who recently embraced her crown. However, when she was in office as the First Lady of the United States, she never wore her hair natural. As the critics have stated, it promotes the idea that afro-textured hair is unfit for the professional setting.

Some queens are mad because Michelle Obama could have used the platform she had as first lady to rock her natural hair and help destroy the idea that afro hair is unfit for the professional setting. Although many queens in the community have already done so, it would have been good to see an influential women like Michelle Obama do so as well.

Michelle Obama could have empowered that one girl or woman who has difficulty in embracing her crown especially in a world where anti-natural hair policies exist in schools and corporate America. She could have even opened the doors for corporate America to be more receptive of our hair.

Individuals may not understand why Black women need a person to influence us to embrace our crown. But just like it took other people to negatively influence us to dislike our crown, a positive influencer is vital. We do not depend on Michelle Obama because Black women embraced our crown before her afro hair debut. But it would have been inspirational to see afro-textured hair represented in the White House.

To end on a positive note, I once struggled to embrace my crown due to the mentality of corporate America, hence why I cannot fully be negative and judgmental towards Michelle Obama. Even though it took long enough, I am glad that another powerful Black woman decided to embrace her crown.

Thanks for reading. If you have not seen the picture of Michelle Obama rocking her natural hair, take a look.
What is your say about the criticism? Should people celebrate and let former Michelle Obama be, or are they right for criticizing her? Comment below.

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