The Overreaction To Shea Moisture #HairHate Ad

Incase you lived under a rock last week, Shea Moisture was in the hot seat for a controversial ad released nearly two weeks ago but went viral last week. In this video two white women and one women who appeared to be mixed or of Spanish origin, discussed their struggles to love their hair.

Unfortunately the video did not sit well with queens in the natural hair community. Black women accused Shea Moisture of abandoning their loyalty to the Black community by excluding us from the video. I even saw people on social media make comments like "Shea Moisture is a scam. Once they got rich off of the Black dollar, the did what sellouts do which is abandon Black people for other ethnicities." The rage was intense it lead to a boycott in where numerous of Black women decided to no longer patronize Shea Moisture.

Although I understand where the rage comes from, after doing much research on this matter, I am left with this question: Did Black women overreact? I ask because it turns out Shea Moisture did not exclude Black women. The ad we saw was one of four ads Shea Moisture did on the issue of hair hate. Black women were actually included; take a look:

Late in March Shea Moisture released this similar ad. This video did not gain popularity like the one video that went viral, which is unfortunate. All we can do now is forgive and move on. Understand that Shea Moisture is in its baby days of reaching out to other ethnicities, and they are learning how to correctly do it the hard way. All we can do is be there for SM and help this company do better. SM is one of the biggest empires we have in the Black community, and I would hate to see it go down the drain.

My advice to Shea Moisture? Make a video like this one from Dove in where girls and women from all races are included together so it won't seem as if the company is being exclusive.

Thanks for reading, and their are a million ways to Shea.

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