The Struggle 4C Women Experience To Embrace The Crown

Most queens with 4c hair struggle to embrace their crown. Being a woman with 4b/4c hair, I can relate and understand where this struggle stem from. The cause of this struggle is the texture of 4c hair and favoritism in the beauty industry.

Remember the old-fashioned afro wigs people wear at Motown-themed parties? Or maybe it is just me who is annoyed by this portrayal of afro hair. Anyways, at times when I groomed my hair it would condense into that kind of afro. The effort it took to get rid of that shape was overwhelming. Later in my journey I realized I did not truly love my hair because of my desire to transform my hair into a shape it was never meant to be.

Then there is the media. Before going natural I imagined beautiful, tight 3C curls that fell below the cheeks and brushed the shoulders. When I googled "cute afro hair," the first set of results that came up are pictured below.

As you can see a majority of the pictures portray "cute afro hair" to be 3b to 4a curls, which is the common depiction of afro hair in adverts and magazines. This may cause 4c ladies to subconsciously think their form of hair is ugly.

Many ladies with 4b/c hair can relate to my next statement. Is it me or is it really difficult to find manageable hairstyles that are quick and easy to do with 4c hair? In addition, it is not easy to go through hours of Youtube videos trying to find a tutorial for women with 4C hair. This is why I am super grateful that organizations like Embrace The Crown exist. This program provide resources for individuals of all hair types especially those with 4C hair.

Ladies, and men too, I know 4c hair can be difficult to handle and even breaks combs, but know that your 4C hair is amazing. Embrace your 4C hair because it is part of you. What makes 4C hair unique is that it is puffy and frizzy. So, EMBRACE IT! After years of unsuccessful twist-outs, I came to the conclusion that I do not need tight curls to have beautiful hair.

For encouragement, we found five beautiful images of 4C hair. Enjoy!!!

Have you ever had any similar experiences embracing your 4b/c hair? Comment below or start the discussion in our support group.

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