Hair Care Tips For Men With Dred Locs or Low-Cut Afros

Many men of color have switched to rocking dred loc, a low-cut afro, and a teeny weenie afro. Aware of the fact that there is not enough hair-care information for Black men, I decided to provide men with a few hair care tips.

Tip one: Always Moisturize Your Hair.

Do not moisturize with grease, use plant oils. Moisturizing your scalp and hair is important because it prevents dryness. Dryness can cause dandruff and other hair-damaging conditions.

Tip Two: Wash Your Hair

The styling products you use can cause junk to build up in the scalp. Wash you hair at least once a week to keep your hair build-up free. Never use shampoo or conditioner with sulfate. Sulfate is composed of chemical properties that cleans the hair but strip away the natural oils in the scalp. Therefore, exposure to sulfate may leave your hair dry and brittle.

P.S. You can make your own natural shampoo and conditioner. Always use shampoo or conditioner that ranks water as the first ingredient.

Tip Three: Cover Hair While Sleeping

It is important that you cover your hair with either a shower cap, satin bonnet or du-rag. This is because the pillow is capable of stripping your hair of its moisture. In addition, when you sleep at night you are likely to move your head around the pillow. The pillow can create friction that may snap the hair off its roots. As you can see, the pillow is not your hair's best friend.

Tip Four: Consume a Healthy Diet

It is important to consume a diet rich in vitamin A, E, K, and Folate. These vitamins promote hair growth.

Tip Five: Hair Care Products

The beauty industry convinced us to believe that hair care products are gender specific. Well no, do not believe in that. Men can use hair care products "meant" for women vice versa for women. The same hair that grows on our hair is the same hair that grow on men's hair. The only difference between these products is scent and shape. When all is said and done, these products have the same properties that will take care of the hair regardless of gender.


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