Wedding Fever: It Could Be Disastrous

Wow #TeamWedding is trending this year. From a saturated timeline of wedding pictures to attending a breadth of weddings, it is right to title 2016 as the year of marriage. Although it is a beautiful thing to witness, for singles like me weddings can be bittersweet.

Weddings often remind singles about their current relationship status. Thoughts like "when will I get married" often cross our mind. It is not selfish or crazy of us to have these thoughts, but it is important these thoughts are ignored

Marriage is not something to throw yourself into and just because everyone around you hitched does not mean it okay for you to desire marriage. Here are three reasons why.

1. You aren't ready. If you wish to get married because you caught the wedding fever while attending a wedding, you are definitely not ready. It is nothing but false readiness produced by your emotions due to the extravagant decor, cake, bride's outfit, and much more you saw at a wedding. Hence, it is normal to wish you had the same experience.

2. It Is a relationship destroyer. The weddings you attended could excite you about marriage. Before you know it you are pressuring your man to hitch. This spontaneous desire could frighten and eventually chase away your man.

3. You may settle for less. No offense, but seeing everyone around you hitch can lead to desperation. This could lower your guard causing you to enter a relationship with anyone. This is dangerous because not everyone who ask you for a relationship is for you. Besides, it is proper to spend time deciding if you should enter a relationship with the person who asked. Don't just say yes because someone asked you out or because you are marriage-hopeful. Prescreen the individual before making a decision.

Never rush yourself into a lifetime of commitment because of the wedding fever you caught at a person's wedding. Patiently wait. Before you know it you will be walking down the aisle in a white dress.

Congratulations to the couples that hitched or will hitch in 2016!!!!


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