Curl Hair Using Thread

@TheBrilliantBeauty via youtube

If you are like me who loves curly hair, most likely you have spent pots of hot water trying to curl pick and drop box braids or afro extensions from brands like Janet collection.

Although you are excited to curl your hair, the thought of curling your hair with hot water can be negative. This is because water frizzies and tangle extensions causing it to look old.

I decided to research new ways to curl my extensions and real hair without it wrapped in rollers/permed rods and then dipped in hot water. The method I discovered is African hair threading, a styling practice introduced to me by my Nigerian mother.

Me with thread in my hair when I was a child
Recently I learned how to do more with hair threading such as curl my hair. All you have to do is rap the thread around your hair and let it sit for a few hours. Take a look at two tutorials I found on youtube. The first one demonstrates how to curl afro extensions with thread, and the second demonstrates how to curl your natural hair with thread.

Materials needed

  • One barrel of thread. You can substitute thread with yarn.
  • Sissors
  • If you part/portion the hair right, you could wear the threaded hair as a twist in.
  • Instead of doing my hair in the way these ladies demonstrated, I do a one strand twist and wrap the thread around it. Then I bantu knot my hair as it is threaded.


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