Is It Possible To Twist Hair Before Going Out?

You just got back from a long day at work or school, and wish to spend the rest of the evening relaxing. But then comes the self-reminder, "I have to prepare (twist or braid) my hair for the next day." The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, which results in you rocking a simple up-do or not so curly afro on the next day. Going through this plenty of times I was somewhat disappointed at not being able to twist my hair at night for fresher curls. But one time in college I decided to experiment with my hair.

So what is this experiment I decided to do? Twist my hair hours before going out to see if I could achieve nice curls. To some this may be risky but yo!!! The burnouts due work and school was real. I spent the mornings at work and attended class until 5:00 PM. After five my evening schedule started in where I spent 6 hours studying which started at 7:00 PM. Yea that is late but this Queen had to eat and rest before I studied for the six classes (16 hour school schedule) I was enrolled in. And then to prepare my hair for the next day, man it was crazy. At times when I was really tired I gave in to the burnouts and went straight to bed without twisting my hair.

I carried out the experiement on one of the mornings I was off from work. I woke up at 8:30 a.m to twist and finished around 9:30. This gave at least three hours for the curls to form before class time at 1:45. I took my curls out at 12:30ish and was amazed; my hair was curly. This is when I knew I could twist my hair before going out. Another proof came when I decided to rock a braid-out for an Igba Nkwu (Nigerian Wedding). This time my hair had more hours to curl. I started the curls five hours before the wedding, and surprise!!! The braid-out was on fleek. I was surpised and happy because I never knew I could twist my hair on the day I had to go out. But when I came to this realization it was a huge relief. No more late night hair grooming or ending my night relaxations early to twist my hair.

So the answer is yes. You can twist or braid your hair a few hours before going out. Below are some tips to keep in mind when attempting to braid or twist your hair prior to going out.

  • Make sure your hair has at least 2-4 hours to twist.
  • To save time take care of hair wash, the moisturization process and application of hair products the night before. Secure your hair with a plastic shower cap or satin scarf or bonnet.
  • Comb out and part hair in the way you want the curls to fall. Tie hair so that the partting will not mess up.
  • Caution: If you are transitioning it is not recommended that you twist your hair hours before going out. Stick to twisting your hair on the night before.
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