A Teacher Offends Parent For Grooming Child's Hair

Even though I am pro-Black and RGB – Red, Green, and Black (Colors of the pan-African flag) – till the day I die, I must say I was quite disappointed at a blog I read on www.madamenoire.com. The writer talked about a time her daughter's teacher groomed her daughter's hair, and was offended by it.

To be honest I saw no point in the article but reversed racism full of unnecessary rants and paranoia. And if I am wrong maybe you can educate me about this matter. But in my opinion the action of the teacher was nothing but a simple gesture. If I am teacher and saw that one of my students' hair was not groomed, I would have groomed it so that the girl would not be ridiculed by peers.

But the thing that really annoyed me is the contradiction I caught in the article. The author was offended because she viewed the gesture as a white women enforcing white beauty standards on her child. But she turned around to say if a Black teacher did the same thing, she would not care and just see it as a sister helping another sister out. Thus it lead me to conclude that the author is only offended that a white woman groomed her daughter's hair.

The author knew her daughter's hair was not at its best that day which is why she would not care if a Black person groomed her daughter's hair. But that does not make sense because a Black teacher could have did her child hair to be petty and shame the author as an uncaring parent, which happens a lot in our community. So just because the woman is Black does not mean the gesture would have been done sincerely.

But anyways, I had to respond to the article. And if I am wrong maybe you can shed some light. But please keep responses rude/insult-free. Rude comments will be deleted. If you have not read the article click here.


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