Black Twitter Attacks Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles

Edges are the hair around your temple and hairline that gets frizzy and coil into small balls known as beedabees. To combat and prevent this appearance, women often control their edges using gel or edge control. 

Moments after Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles performed well in their portion (gymnastics) of the olympics in Rio De Janiro, some women and men in the Black community took to social media to scrutinized both girls for not laying their edges.

But people on  ‪#‎BlackFacebook‬ was not having it and responded well:


Biles and Douglas do not have time to look beautiful at competition. It is unfortunate to witness Black women boldly shame their own and do what others–who they would call racist the moment they talk about Black womens' hair–have done to make Black women feel insecure about their natural hair. People forget that Gabby and Simone are hardworking athletes. They could care less about looking cute as they contest for their country on a world platform. The sad thing is the women who participate in shaming Douglas are ignorant about the ridicule and racism both endure as a Black gymnasts. And instead of motivate and show love, these women do the opposite and tear them down even more.

Stop tearing down other Black women with unlaid edges or poor twist-outs. I do not understand why in 2016 hair is the concern of Black women. With all of the circumstances happening to us in America, unkept hair is the topic individuals choose to address. Stop!!! Stop bringing down other Black women for having bad edges.

While you are concerned about Gabby Douglas, she is breaking records and creating dolls that will inspire other Black girls. 


  1. To you ignorant asswipes who are more concerned about Gabby's hair, than her abilities.....GFY. Jealousy is an ugly green monster and some of you wear it well

    1. Exactly! the people talking about her hair should be a shame. Don't make no damn sense. These girls are at the top of their game and the haters can only see fit to find something negative to say. I am thoroughly disgusted by the negative comments about these young ladies hair. SMDH!

  2. When I heard some of the comments, I was furious and totally ashamed that young black women could be so foolish! Gabby has worked her ass off and sacrificed to become the best at what she does, and all these simple minded, banal, vapid, insipid, trite, superficial, phony, brain washed idiots, could do was make comments about her beautiful natural, kinky hair. I found it incredible that black women tried to shame this young woman who is at the top of her game. She is a top contender in the Olympic games!!! A Gold Medalist!! What have they accomplished?!! Since they started this shit storm, I hope that they're reading just what people think of them.

  3. Why were they out there trying to look like Europeans anyway.. U got twist braids cornrolls

  4. Gabby pay no attention to the devil and his side kicks. GOD made you BEAUTIFULLY in HIS OWN IMAGE.

  5. Gabby pay no attention to the devil and his side kicks. GOD made you BEAUTIFULLY in HIS OWN IMAGE.


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