Should Ethnic Hair Products Only Cater To POC?

Shea Moisture debuted its commercial for its #BreakTheWalls campaign but people in the queendom are against it. Opposers believe hair products for Black women should remain on the "ethnic" section. Some even went to the extreme to accuse Shea Moisture of wanting to leave the "ethnic" section for the "beauty" aisle to gain more profit.

Regardless of the opinions against it, I have to agree with Shea Moisture on this one. If Shea Moisture wants to cater to other ethnicities and races, why is that a problem? Individuals from other ethnicities also use our product. For one, curly hair is not exclusive to Black people. And two, if ethnic companies want to branch out and cater to people with non-afro textured hair, so? Why do we hurt when Black business owners and entrepreneurs go diverse?

In my Race & Ethnic Relations class, we had a before-class discussion on hair. The professor who happened to be Caucasian talked about his experience with hair products. Hair products meant for Caucasians did not work on his hair so he resorted to "ethnic" products like Motion. He testified about the effectiveness of  "ethnic" hair products and became a fan.

I understand Black women want their own hair products, but if Shea Moisture's Curl Smoothie, Softe, Africa's Best, As I am, etc works best for Caucasians, Latin@s, or Asians they should have access to it. Tresseme or Aussie does not always work for them.

To the people who are mad, calm down. Not everything have to be turned into a controversy. Allow our business owners to branch out and serve other people.


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