Experiencing The Breakings Of Combs

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to remember all of the combs that broke a bone and had their teethes knocked out, Muhammad Ali style by my hair. We had good times and those combs were always there for me, but my hair won the bout.

My hair has put to death many combs. I was mad because my favorite combs were the ones to always go. At first I thought it was my hair until I did research and started using the afro pick – I have been using the same afro pick for 5 years now– which is when I realized it was the comb instead of my hair. Now I test combs to ensure the quality is good. So, if you are like me who loves to use all types of combs besides the afro pick; test it to make sure it is strong enough to comb through your hair.

Feel the teeth to make sure it is strong. What I do is push one tooth inward and outwards to see how far it goes in and out. If you can push the tooth back and forth without resistance from the root bed, do not buy the comb. Combs like this are weak and may not be able to withstand your hair. Next I check the body strength. I hold both ends and bend the comb as if I am trying to bend a stick. If it is hard to bend the body, the comb is strong. Also, when trying to determine the body strength, feel it. By doing this the quality of the plastic is examined. If the comb feels lite do not buy it. These are the combs that snap easily.


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