Shea's Moisture #BreakTheWalls Campaign

With a plethora of stigmas around our body features (skin tone, hair, lips and butts), as a Black women it is hard enough when it comes to glam and beauty. But we cannot get a break because the standards of beauty is projected right in front of us. We stroll down the beauty aisles of drug and grocery stores only to find that hair products for us are few and are sometimes not what we need. To add salt to the injury, the hair products are often stocked in a spot called "Ethnic" instead of in the spot labeled "Beauty."

Ethnic? Are you saying Black is not beautiful and deserve to be pushed in a corner labeled ethnic. Besides, what does ethnic mean to the people in the beauty industry? The last time I checked ethnic is what anthropologists refer to as a group of people who share the same culture, religion, and language. By definition we are all ethnic whether we are Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian. So the label "ethnic" is ridiculous and makes me wonder if ethnic is another way to say "Blacks Only."

Thankfully the people at Shea Moisture went their way to address the "Ethnic" section controversy by launching a campaign hashtagged #BreakTheWall. This campaign is vital because it challenges and started a dialogue about how the world views beauty. Take a look. 

Incase the video does not start click here to watch it.

I'm glad that Shea Moisture launched this campaign. You may see it as another way to make profit but I see it as challenging the standards of beauty that call Black beauty "ethnic." 


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